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Harish Chandra Kharel

Web developer

I develop websites and web based applications

Little more about myself

I'm a PHP/MySQL web developer based in Nepal. I have been working as a web developer since 2009. Besides just a web developer, I want to present myself as a Full Stack Web Developer. Writing PHP codes and complex database queries has always been an enjoying task to me, I also love to play with the HTML, CSS design using javascript and javascript frameworks. I have in-depth knowledge of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript and other tools. I also have experience with various MVC frameworks and open source CMS. I've got an undergraduate degree in computer applications (BCA) and I'm currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in computer information systems (MCIS). Also, I love to research about new topics and trends in the market. Sometimes I am surprised seeing the developments In ICT technologies day by day and I always make sure that I'm one step ahead in updating myself

Finally, I'm enjoying as an IT professional.  
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My skills
PHP <?php echo "Professional"; ?> MySQL SELECT 'Expert' FROM `myskills` HTML <HTML>Master</HTML> CSS .expertise-in-css{level:proficient} Design Photoshop SEO Google, Bing
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