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Harish Chandra Kharel

Web developer

I develop websites and web based applications

I have already completed my BCA back in 2009 from Oxford College Of Engineering & Management (OCEM) which is affiliated to Pokhara University. Since then I've been working as a PHP/MySQL web developer. Also I'm doing my Master's Degree (MCIS) from Nepal College Of Information Technology (NCIT), Balkumari, Lalitpur.

These days I feel happy to let everybody know me as an experienced full stack web developer. I am fluent in PHP with core programming and various MVC frameworks as well. Especially, I'm fluent with CodeIgniter Framework and Laravel Framework. I use MySQL database engine for the storage. I have knowledge of other database management systems like PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and oracle. I do HTML/CSS and can write java-scripts to make applications more interactive to the user. I have experience of working with WAMP, LAMP or MAMP stack. I can use photoshop too pretty well.

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My current work


Now I've started to do freelancing works and enhancing works on few of my own projects.

My past position

I worked with EB Pearls as a PHP developer. I work on different PHP MVC frameworks like CodeIgniter and Laravel
Position: PHP (CI/Laravel) Developer
Office location: Kupondole, Lalitpur
EB Pearls


I worked with Outix as a remote developer from my home. The site I worked was on a Core PHP/Custom framework. I enjoyed working on platforms like javascripts and SVG manipulation using Raphael JS during my tenture here.
Position: Developer (Remote)
Office location: Australia

Before that;

I was in Amnil technologies.
I worked there from 2010 to 2013
Position: Senior Developer
Office location: Manbhawan, Lalitpur, Nepal
AMNIL Technologies

Even Before;

I've worked with couples of other IT companies where I had to leave after a short period of time.
Also, I worked as a secondary level computer teacher in Shree Saraswati Niketan English Boarding School, Gaindakot for about 2 years while I was doing my Bachelor. This was the same school from where I did my schooling.

Some of my projects (Freelanced works)

School Management System

This is a web based application for schools. It helps to keep track of students, their progress and generate various reports based on the activities, manage the examinations and generate the marksheets/gradesheets and other various tasks.
Website of Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya, Chitwan. This school is the sister organization of Nepal Army.
Website of Gaindakot English School. This school is located in Gaindakot Municipality, Nepal.
Website of National Potato Development Programme. This is one of the government organizations which works under the Agriculture Department of Nepal for the research and development of potato crop in Nepal.
This is an E-commerce website for a retailer and wholeseller company StyleZone located in Newzealand.
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